Three Simple Ways to let go of anger

Three Simple Ways to let go of anger

By Yaron Engler
Published Apr 1, 2021

These are crazy times. Although there’s a chance that things are going to change soon and we’ll have some freedom back, the unknown still plays a huge factor in what’s going on.

How are you doing with all that?
• Do you get easily irritated by people around you?
• Is it hard to find some peace of mind?
• Are you fed up with having so much to deal with?
• Or perhaps you feel angry and don’t know what to do about it?

Many of us keep ‘pretending’ that everything is ok when actually under the surface there’s a lot of irritation and restlessness. If that’s your experience, know that you’re not alone and that there are simple ways (not always easy, but definitely simple) to cope better with these challenges.

There are tools you can put in your toolkit to help you:
• Feel lighter
• Release negative emotions
• Boost energy
• Feel positive
• Open your mind

The one tool I want to talk to you about today is specifically about releasing anger. Even if you don’t think you have a lot of anger inside, you might be quite surprised at what comes out when you let it out … It feels really good! I’ve seen it in myself and in the men I work with.

As men, expressing our anger can be very dangerous – so many of us learn to repress it and act as if it doesn’t bother us or that it doesn’t even exist. This might sound like a good idea to a certain extent, but it’s important to remember that ignoring our anger doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and that it can’t cause us harm. Bottling up anger for a long period of time can lead to many problems such as depression, exhaustion, numbness and difficulty to establish healthy long-term relationships. In many cases when anger is being held for too long it can reach to a limit where we can’t hold on to it any more and then it can come out at the wrong place and time and at the wrong person.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling angry. There’s nothing wrong with expressing anger. The important thing is to know when, where, and how to do it, and this is something we explore a lot in the ‘AND THEN WHAT?’ programme that I run for men in leadership roles. I’d like to share with you a few simple ways you can release anger in a healthy way that will leave you feeling relieved, peaceful, perhaps even exhilarated.

When releasing anger, the important thing is to do it in a safe space where you can allow yourself to release the anger freely without hurting anyone, including yourself.

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