The CROP® Method

The CROP® Method is about nurturing and growing – as well as eliminating those things in your life that are holding you back.

The system has been developed and honed over many years and remains an ongoing process of discovery.

The CROP® Method works in a cyclic pattern and with every cycle, you’ll experience deeper connections – with yourself and others – as well as a greater sense of purpose.

As you move through the cycles, you’ll be able to clear out the unnecessary baggage that’s stopping you from living your life the way you want to.

The four parts of the CROP Method are:

Cleansing & Clearing

Most of the heavy lifting takes place at this stage. Cleansing & Clearing is about taking a deep look at your life and identifying those habits, actions and people that are holding you back. It can be very exhilarating but also very challenging – most of us are holding on to a lot of bullshit! The process is continuous and the sessions are very fluid. We can look at this as a process of “unlearning” as well as making new discoveries – about your physical and mental wellbeing, your past and present relationships and the way you respond and react to events in your life.

Reconnecting (with your Inner Voice)

Once you have done the Cleansing & Clearing stage, the truth just bubbles up – irrepressibly – and all the “noise” just washes away. “Knowing” becomes “being” – being present, being honest, being wonderfully alive. Discovering your inner voice can be overwhelming – which is why being with other men undergoing the same experience is so important. But understanding your true values will also create far deeper, more meaningful connections with your partner, friends, family and colleagues. Emotions become a tool for growth instead of a burden, and you’ll start living life on your own terms, learning how to say “no”, while still being open to new challenges and experiences.


Observing is about seeing, with clarity, the impact that our actions and inactions create in our lives. As your self-awareness grows, you will start seeing where fear, conflict and confusion typically arise, and learn how to let go of negative behaviours. Working both individually and as a group, this stage may involve meditation, breathing exercises and other practices to guide you into presence.


Playing is a vital part of the work we’ve undertaken so far and – obviously – it’s a lot of fun. Our aim is for you to spend most of your time in this section playing at the level of your full potential. Of course, there will still be challenges but you will now have the skills and resilience to help you navigate these obstacles – and keep on playing! In our sessions, we’ll use humour and risk-taking to help stretch ourselves and push boundaries. You’ll learn how to nurture your creativity, enhance your vision and exercise more control over how you really want to live.