Don’t be sad!

Don’t be sad!

By Yaron Engler
Published Dec 23, 2017

Nonsense. How can you not be sad? Sadness, just like any other emotion is just a cloud passing by. It won’t stay with you forever so there is no point in you fighting with it. If you close down and don’t allow it to be expressed you will push people away and make it hard for them to connect with you.

Remember this. Sadness is a beautiful seed of creation. If you embrace it and allow it to be expressed fully it will act as a powerful source that will bring you much love and deep connection with people in your life.

Don’t ignore your sadness and on the other hand don’t get lost in it or attach yourself to it.

Remember that is it just a passing cloud. Just let it express itself as it is, without filters and without hiding it. It will go away. And then it will come back again. It’s just the way it is. It is life.

And it is very beautiful.