Do you live in truth?

Do you live in truth?

By Yaron Engler
Published Apr 21, 2017

In one of the podcasts I was interviewed for I was asked why I am such an advocate of following the heart and living in truth. There are two reasons why I am doing this. One is ‘internal’ and one is ‘external’.

The ‘internal’ one comes from my personal experience. Looking back there were moments in my life where I was living in a lie. There were times where I woke up in the morning and I felt like I was constantly lying to myself. About my relationship. About my work. About the place I lived in. About other things. Deep in my heart, I knew that what I was doing was not true, that it wasn’t the real me, that it wasn’t what I truly wanted. Yet, I was trying to convince myself that it was ok, that it wasn’t a lie. That there was a reason to lie to myself. I can remember how painful that was.

Throughout the years I have done a lot of work on myself to drop all those lies and be more honest with myself and others even when it’s uncomfortable. As a result, I was able to let go of the constant pain I experienced when I was living in a lie and it’s a great feeling to live without that pain. Sure, there are many other pains, conflicts, and doubts that life brings, but when they are part of the truth, they have a completely different texture, and that texture, even when painful is beautiful.

The other reason, the ‘external’ one, is related to the article The Five Regrets of the Dying where Bronnie Ware who was a palliative nurse for many years shares what she found to be the biggest regret of people who are dying. As someone who lives from the heart it’s sad to see that the number one regret of people is not living according to their truth. So many people are still living according to the expectations of other people instead of their own heart.

That is why, I really prefer to live in the truth. Because deep inside, under all the layers of bullshit, under the social masks that each one of us puts on, and under the meaningless conversations that we initiate to avoid feeling uncomfortable, there is something deeper, purer, and more beautiful. Our TRUTH.

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